Basel Convention Coordinating Centrefor Training and Technology Transfer for Latin America and the Caribbean

Region Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean Region


INTRODUCTION The Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean Region (BCCC), in Uruguay, has been operational since 1998 and is hosted by the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU) by agreement with the Ministry of Housing, Land and Environment (MVOTMA) The BCCC was endorsed by the 4th COP of the Stockholm Convention as a Regional Centre of the Stockholm Convention for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer for GRULAC region, and together with the Regional Centres of CETESB-Brazil, CENICA-Mexico and CIIMET-Panama, aim to form a network for information exchange, cooperation and mutual coordination. This dual character of the Centre contribute to realize the synergies between the Chemicals Clusters Conventions and other Forums, present issue in the formulation and implementation of plans, projects and activities of the Centre VISION Consolidate itself, together with the Regional Centres in a network of leader institutions in order to assist GRULAC region countries through a process of regional cooperation and coordination which allows capacity building strengthening and specialization for the implementation of Basel and Stockholm Conventions. GOAL Strengthening national and regional capacities in GRULAC region countries for the implementation of the Basel, Stockholm, Rotterdam and other Forums, through training of key stakeholders in the integrate and environmentally sound management of hazardous substances and wastes, in the development and dissemination of specialized information, implementation of regional projects in coordination with the Regional Centres or complementary to these, within a framework of sustainable development. Consolidate a Stockholm Convention Regional Centres network and strengthen the Basel Convention Regional Centres network for GRULAC region to optimizing the exchange of information, training and technology transfer.

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